Our Mission:

The mission of the Albion Community Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition shall be to address the consequences of existing and emerging substance abuse issues through community and county-side collaborative efforts. The Albion Community Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition shall endeavor to prevent substance use by youth and high-risk populations and reduce substance abuse and tobacco use by adults and high risk populations.

Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Workgroup of The Coordinating Council

With regard to the continuation of substance abuse services (prevention through treatment and recovery,) the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Workgroup of the Council will provide a broad active voice for Substance Abuse concerns and issues, enhance public awareness of programs and services, and address system changes with a vision of collaboration, coordination and inclusive participation needed to assure effective and efficient service delivery.

Workgroup Objectives

1) Identify gaps in the continuum of substance abuse services and recommendations for service delivery, prevention and treatment policies, and funding.

2) Review and monitor managed care issues in our county, state and nationally, in private and public sectors, and implication for implementation.

3) Strengthen substance abuse services for high-risk populations.

4) Increase awareness of substance abuse service availability and accessibility.

5) Promote awareness and ensure opportunities for community-based substance abuse prevention actions initiatives.

6) Strengthen coordination, communication and collaboration of substance abuse prevention/treatment efforts within the community.

7) Identify varied funding sources for community prevention and treatment priorities.

8) Develop and implement effective evaluation of the workgroup.

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