Project Alert

Project Alert is a drug prevention curriculum for middle-school students, which dramatically reduces both the onset and regular use of substances. The program focuses on substances that adolescents are most likely to use: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and inhalants. Guided classroom discussions and small group activities stimulate peer interaction and challenge student beliefs and perceptions. Homework assignments also involve parent s by facilitating parent-child discussions of drugs and how to resist using them. These lessons are reinforced through videos that model appropriate behavior. See "Curriculum Objectives" at right sidebar.

Youth Helping Youth Succeed

Youth helping youth succeed is a high school/middle school-mentoring program. Participating students are trained as peer mentors and provided with skills and materials to deliver a drug and violence resistance educational program for middle school classes.

Teens making a difference in their community

In addition to learning drug and violence resistance skills, the community service component promotes the concept of volunteerism and provides ongoing opportunities for middle school and high school students to work together. See side panel for curriculum objectives.

Kids at Hope Youth Academy

The Kids at Hope Youth Academy involves college students mentoring high school students with specific challenges. The challenges might be the home environment, or limited English language challenges for foreign exchange students. The Kids at Hope Youth Academy works in conjunction with the Greater Albion College Access Network (see sidebar at right: College Students as Mentors for At-Risk Youth

Tobacco-Free Albion Youth Partnership

The Tobacco-Free Albion Youth Partnership serves as an Advisory Board of Tobacco-Free Action Partnership.  It seeks to eliminate tobacco use by youth in Albion. 

To do this, the coalition will develop, prioritize and implement recommendations of the coalition, as well as those recommended by the Mid-South substance Abuse Commission. 

The Partnership is a Community - Base grassroots advocacy and information network, as well as a link to youth groups and youth organization through which tobacco prevention programming can be provided. 

Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Partnership

One of our goals was to form a network of leaders who could support each other and offer resources to each other.  We did this by forming "learning teams."  Harry Bonner will recruit 8-10 Learning Team members in consultation with Ken and Deana Henry, Ph.D., from Battle Creek. Each potential member receives an initial visit. 

We meet with 4-6 advisors 3-4 times for collaboration. We facilitate 4 meetings,  developing a research design and training. We facilitate 4 meetings inputting and analyzing the data collected. 

We participate in interviews and other data gathering activities partnered with a Learning Team member/s. We facilitate 2 meetings preparing the report of the study. We facilitate 3 meetings doing strategic planning and preparing an action report. 
Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Week is a community-wide event designed to "blitz" Calhoun County with activities that highlight our problem of teen pregnancy and what our community can do about it.  Last year's event proved successful beyond our wildest dreams.  We conducted a weeklong series of excellent community events and received outstanding media coverage.  The event taught us that there is a widespread desire for serious debate on the subject of adolescent sexuality and the messages we need to be transmitting to teens about sex.  The efforts of the partnership proved to be a catalyst that decision. 

The Teen Pregnancy Partnership of Calhoun County is a group of professionals and concerned citizens throughout Calhoun County who are concerned about the issue of teenage pregnancy and its attendant problems. 

The goals of the group are: 

1) To increase community awareness about the seriousness of the teenage pregnancy problem. 

2)  To formulate a concrete plan of action to reduce teenage pregnancy in Calhoun County. 

3) To work cooperatively with school districts, agencies, and other organizations that serve teenagers. 

4) To advocate for improved health services to teenagers.