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Substance Abuse Prevention Services
600 E. Michigan Ave.
Albion, MI 49224

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Substance Abuse Prevention Services
offers solutions to high risk populations

There are several primary domains of influence that affect youth, both risk and protective factors. The risk factors include teen pregnancy, school drop out, substance abuse, teenage suicide, and violent crime. The protective factors include the society and environment, (including) family, community, school and peers.


The overall goal of the program is to increase the protective factors for high-risk students in order to prevent, reduce, or delay the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and the problems associated with such use.


To provide the leadership in developing a community wide vision and plan for eliminating substance abuse in Calhoun County community. Our program has received national recognition from the Michigan State University Children, Youth and Families Program. Minority Program Services reached over 50,000 people each year with their anti drug message of positive youth development.

We Provide...

  • Immediate answers and connections to alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention services for families and individuals who don't know where to begin.
  • Educational enrichment programs in schools, after school programs, for parents, community groups, and the general public.
  • Funding, management and technical support to grassroots, citizen-led groups in neighborhoods, churches and throughout the county who want to mobilize a volunteer effort to reduce alcohol, tobacco, and other drug problems.

Substance Abuse Prevention Services
programs are provided by...

  • Licensed, certified substance abuse prevention experts who understand the problems and know how to help.
  • Staff, who serve as facilitators and conveners for
  • Albion Black Family Reunion
  • Kwanzaa Institute for Youth Development
  • Albion Men of Vision A Guide to the Winners Circle
  • Community Partnerships for Drug Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Workgroup of the Calhoun County Human Service
  • Coordinating Council Safe & Drug Free Schools
  • Violence Prevention Program
  • Albion Health Alliance 2000 Project
  • City of Albion Community Oriented
  • Problem Solving Project Communities Advisory Committee
  • Communities That Care



"We have become too preoccupied with repairing damage when our focus should be on building strength and resilience, espeicaly within our children."
Martian Selgman, Ph.D.


High Risk Populations
Our programs are targeted to benefit

  • economically disadvantaged youth
  • school dropouts or those at risk of dropping out
  • pregnant teenagers or teenage parents
  • children of alcoholics
  • delinquents
  • runaways or homeless
  • abused or neglected youth
  • latchkey youth
  • users of gateway drugs including alcohol, marijuana and tobacco